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This is a sub-selection from Netflix usage


reply to Couriant

Re: Netflix usage

LOL, try to charge me for overages and I will be the first to jump ship. I watch all my TV online and I am not going to be told other wise. Your meters at best are a joke. Show me a certified meter outside my house calibrated by our local Govt., then I will use your meters. Until then cableone can blow me and I will keep using the net the way I want , or until cableone tries to charge me overages. Bottom line is cableone wants you to pay for there overpriced tv , which you can find all those channels online for free.



Ever since we started using netflix and hulu, we average about 220 GB a month.

100 GB is just waaay too low, and it's a joke to think that the modern family with internet TV can survive on 100GB.

This is a sub-selection from Netflix usage