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Re: [TWC] still lagging after a year

Like I said, the only thing that is the same between DSL and Cable internet is your equipment. You've 100% ruled out everything except for your actual equipment and the wires connecting them.

-Have you had other computers/devices in your house other than your own?
-Have you directly connected to the modems using other cables than the ones you seem to have been using?
-Are you using a single device for your gaming?


Honolulu, HI
hi thanks for your response..

i've used several different ethernet cords i've had a couple of laptops that broke and i can no longer use anymore connected on the network... and i've tried gaming wired through the modem and router with different coax cables ethernet cords and all different ports on 3 different modems... also 3 different routers and nothing seems to fix

i do remember i did something with the local machine on my old laptop cause it said it lowered ping and it didn't work... felt a little worst after i did that but i don't think its what is plaguing me but of course i could be wrong... other then that they did some street work to my response of my complaints but it seems to have made it worst than before... my pings aren't too bad at all i ping some servers high up to 180 200 and some on the east coast at 90 which is strange to me but i guess thats how it works... i do notice that when i do a traceroute to a backbone xbox server that i have a lot of hops in certain areas like LA and san jose and seattle all of them have 3-4 hops don't know if that helps just trying my best to provide you and others with insight to hopefully help me further my knowledge and possibly even fix it [i hope] thanks once again for the help i really appreciate it