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reply to gateguy

Re: [iPhone] Woman tasered after trying to buy too many iPhones

You have a responsibility to have a fundamental ability to communicate when you are visiting another country. When I go to Japan, I have translation software for Kanji and an ability to communicate. I wouldn't go to China unless I took a few week course in Chinese for travelers AND carry a translation device, which if she can be buying a half dozen iPhones, she could also buy.

Chinese understand "No" in English and would understand gestures to leave. She obviously was able to communicate enough to buy iPhones the previous week and come back requesting more.

No would be the clue to simply leave not start arguing with the store's manager.

I'll make the assumption that she got irate when not permitted to buy the extra phones that are certainly not for her "family" and got even more irate when asked to leave then even more irate when the police asked her to leave and resisted when she was finally placed under arrest for refusing to leave.

Cops don't want to arrest people, especially in a mall. It's a pain in the ass and a bunch of extra work when they can get the same money for standing around bullshitting. She isn't going to be arrested unless she is arguing with the police instead of simply walking away.