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reply to DrStrangLov

Re: 16 Kbps to 50 Kbps Upload

My Conclusion - Being installed on beam's fringe area, I may have around a 2 dB loss of uplink power when compared to those within boresight (or beam's central area). Since this dish is peaked, with good SNR, this may lockin my uplink Modulation/Coding.

If Modulation/Coding is based upon SNR, then I suspect ViaSat's equipment might be throttling via limited time slot for uplinking.

If Modulation/Coding is based upon SNR, its too bad user does not have a means (backdoor key or their equipment) to change Modulation/Coding if increased uplink speed would result in this situation.

As I understand, all users are given an uplink time slot, but without knowing the specifics of how they setup timing/coding aspects, I can't say what other option(s) might be possible. I assume my uplink signal does not have enough punch, but I don't know if packets are being resent, or they throttle time interval downward within this time slot when packets come up missing.

Again, I'm on beam's fringe area, its just the uplink speed being affected, and this is not an issue of beam overloading; I think its a uplink power issue, where I don't have enough output power to compete with those closer to beam's central area.