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Re: Hulu Plus...Tried it...hated it...

Well, non-Plus hulu doesn't have HD, but non-HD TVs don't have the connections for the hook up (VGA or HDMI/DVI). [Edit:] Of course, it's about the signal from the computer--which is assuredly "HD"--and not whether hulu is offering HD content.
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Hilo, HI
Why do you need a computer to watch Hulu Plus HD? You just watch directly on your Samsung Smart HD TV.


I don't (seeing as I don't have hulu Plus). Nor do I have a Samsung Smart HD-TV. (I saw what you did there. However, I did just get a Samsung Smart Blu-ray player--haven't played with the "smart" stuff yet.) I did try hulu Plus once, on my non-Samsung, non-Smart-but-smart-enough Sony netbox (which works great with Netflix); it could take hulu as much as a minute between going from content to commercial or vice versa. Whether it was something about hulu or about the netbox I don't know. At the time, though, a lot of shows were still "unavailable" for viewing on a TV--couldn't say how true that is now. Of all the features hulu Plus offers now, the only one that seems even a little interesting is being able to watch lots more episodes of all or mostly all(?) the shows. But the only time I ever watch hulu is to catch a recent show that I happened to miss (yep, like an always on VCR/DVR that catches everything). So, nothing really "value-added" there for me. And I hate commercials (which don't make TV "free" by the way--they just make everything we buy more expensive, so we wind up paying for it anyway).
"...but ya doesn't hasta call me Johnson!"