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Manchester, GA
reply to Windstream

Re: My internet really slow after 7pm

So that means it was Tier II that sent me a form letter saying that my 0.08mbps DL speeds that only happen at specific times of the day were due to my equipment? Thanks, I appreciated that very condescending letter. If I had the money to just willy-nilly throw it around, I would have payed off the remaining 6-month contract and jumped to Comcast. Thankfully, that time is near and I will soon have Functional internet, 24/7/365.

BTW, I *WISH* I only had issues after 7pm. But with the kids out of school I've not had more than 0.6mbps (of a 6mbps contract) for 4 days now. Not at 7am, noon or midnight. Funny how that I've had the exact same "equipment" on other service that had no issue with 50mbps.

Aaron, I hope you understand (continue to understand) that all this anger, it's not at you. You and your fellow agents that try to help are just a finger trying to plug a crumbling damn, good intentions but ultimately unable to do anything to assist. This is a CEO/management issue... we hear it loud and clear, ripping people off is more important to providing good service.

There's actually NO ETA for my area (or wasn't a couple months ago when I finally received a reply). Just a "maybe something might happen in 2013". I've read too many posts here from people who have been waiting YEARS based on "next month it'll be fixed" promises.

Gah, I get really grumpy when someone ELSE fvks with my ability to have an income and I rely on internet access for that.