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reply to Ben N

Re: Consistently slow download speeds in Arlington Heights area

After re-reading your post, I think you may be confusing the speeds you should get via a speed test versus downloading. I'm on the 30meg plan, and when I download at max speeds it shows as 3-4MB/s. If you are getting 250-280 kb/s, that is about what you should get on the 2meg tier. As adymax mentioned, it is a byte vs. bit conversion.

Not sure how old you are, or if you work. But maybe offer to your parents to kick in a few bucks per month and get on the 15meg tier, or just ask them. You get 5x the bandwidth for $10 per month. And if you have more than 1-2 people in the household, you really need more that 2meg.

Ben N


That is a fantastic idea clocks, and I'm going to see if I can make it happen. Also, thanks for clarifying on the byte vs bit issue!