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Port Orchard, WA

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Re: mirrorless camera...good?

I absolutely love my EOS M.

Christmas is supposed to bring the EF-M to EF adapter, so I'll be all set when that happens.

For me, I had to have a mirrorless offering with an appropriately large sensor. For me, the smallest I was willing to go was APS-C, which matches what's in my Canon 7D. This is why I wasn't interested in any M4/3 or the Nikon or Pentax offerings. The Sony NEX was an option, but I didn't care for the awkward body styling or for the lack of lens lineup. The Canon hit at the right time.

If you're looking for something that'll have the same quality you get out of your DSLR, which for me, DOF control is MASSIVELY important, you're going to need to spend some cash on a decently sized sensor. The Q that Jodo has was absolutely not an option for me due to that. Not necessarily a bad camera, just not the right one for me.
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