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Springfield, MA
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reply to Cablejim1087

Re: MDU lockbox question

said by Cablejim1087:

Up here we will do that for MDU's using self support hardline if the Landlord pays for the self support cable and the design will along the new tap cut in. 9 out of 10 times its no issue. The self support is cheaper that having the regular hardline installed. It essentially hangs like a regular drop. You would probably get a terminated 4 or 8 value tap put in. Our basic tier hasnt been encrypted yet so you would still get on average 18 channels here depending on how your tv tunes in the stations. See if they would go the self support route for you.

Do they do that with duplexes or do they just run two drop wires out to the street. In my case the lines are underground. I was thinking the cable company would possibly do it this way to make their job easier because the drops in this development are reaching end of life. In my case Comcast replaced the drop at their expense.


Bath, ME

Duplexes as well as apartments. I live in a duplex and it has self support with a terminated 8 value tap. Previous owner paid the install. it goes UG from arial. I have a back easement.