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Fort Erie, ON
reply to CanadianRip

Re: Parental responsibility

said by CanadianRip:

Nope - wouldn't have to, I would have dealt with it instead of avoiding accountability.

You're operating on the assumption that you would have even known any of this was going on until you got a call from the local police service advising you that your child was being charged with theft under $5000 and to come to the station to pick him/her up.

At that point, you're SOL as far as "dealing with it" goes, and your assumption that you could is nothing but hot air that goes to my previous points about sanctimonious comments that you would never follow through on. Sure, you can go to the store, talk to the manager, apologize, and they'll smile say it's okay blah blah blah but when it comes down to it, as peterboro already mentioned, you're still going to get that extortion letter in the mail - a letter for which I have no doubt in my mind you would never follow through on.

said by CanadianRip:

Everything else out of your keyboard has been a bunch of specious non-sense trying to defend your absurd position. Because if you're sincere in your belief that its all the School's fault - I really hope you don't and choose never have children.

... and everything out of your keyboard has been nothing but a bunch of sanctimonious bullshit from someone who blames all the ills of the world on "socialism" and does not understand the realities of the way corporations and the legal system work. It's not the 1960s anymore.

And I do have a son, he's wonderful and in my mind better and smarter than any children you could ever have or hope to have.