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Davenport, IA
reply to djweis

Re: IA Century Link Faster Speeds?

I'm not sure what the "remote" is I'm not familiar with DSL technology. I know they have been working about 3 blocks from me at some large looking power box but it was Century Link techs there for a few days. It jumped up to 6144 I believe after the 5 and online it had the option for 7 then went back to 5.


La Pointe, WI

"Remote" means that your dsl service comes from a remote terminal instead of the central office (CO). Since dsl speeds are limited by the distance from their source (remote terminal or central office), having that source closer to you, i.e. remote terminal, will allow you to get higher speeds.

Typically the new remote terminals are "fed" by fiber optic lines so dsl downloads speeds of 40 or 20 are possible if you are close enough to the remote terminal.

Simplest thing to do is ask one of the CL workers what they are installing and when it will be or if it is already working.


Davenport, IA

I thought about stopping and just asking but didn't really want to bother them. Believe me I was real tempted.