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Lincroft, NJ
reply to heymang

Re: [DTA] Comcast has begun deploying HD DTAs

said by heymang:

said by telcodad:

I guess that makes sense, as when Comcast starts encrypting the Limited Basic channels, any basic-only customers without STBs, using only the Clear QAM tuners in their HDTVs, would lose all HD channels. With these HD-DTAs, they can get the basic HD channels once again.

Someone mentioned these HD DTAs will likely block ALL HD channels including the basic channels unless you pay the HD tech fee.

Yes, that was me in this thread: »Re: [DTA] Are DTA boxes with HD coming out any time soon?

said by heymang:

For a limited basic customer with an hdtv, it seems strange to pay Comcast for TV service and not receive the locals networks in HD when you get get those channels in HD OTA for free. A limited basic customer would need to pay the HD fee to get the basic channels in HD doesn't sound right.

In a few posts above, chewch99 See Profile had said that a Limited Basic customer wouldn't have to pay the HD fee just to get the basic channels in HD with an HD-DTA: »Re: [DTA] Comcast has begun deploying HD DTAs