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London, ON
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reply to Gone

Re: voip.ms Toronto servers

said by Gone:

Yeah, the Obi ATAs blow any of the new Cisco junk out of the water. I run the 202s myself. I had all sorts of issues with the connection randomly dropping (even during calls) and often times not reconnecting until the ATA was rebooted. Ocassionally had one-way audio issues, the wonderful multiple "Hello Hello" when a call came in, etc. Replaced them with Obi202s, and not only have the voice lines been 100% solid and not dropped once with all of the CQ issues resolved, but the fax has been 100% reliable - and even at 33.6 - when it was 50/50 with the Ciscos. I seriously don't know how they can sell those pieces of shit.

The Obi is great... I like that I can remotely change settings with it too. I do get the Hello hello occationally still. But I blame voip.ms but would be willing to conceed it could be a connection issue but I feel this is unlikely.