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West Tenness
reply to cchhat01

Re: Horrible range

said by cchhat01:

said by RR Conductor:

2.3 Ghz will have lousy range, especially in rural, mountainous and heavily forested areas like mine. I take it this is mainly for urban areas and towns?

My thoughts exactly, 1900 Mhz should have been a lesson enough. WHY won't these carriers understand that its in THEIR best interest to invest in spectrum in the 700 to 800 Mhz band because of the range they offer. Less deployment, less equipment...

You do realize that spectrum in the 700 MHz range is limited. there's only 100MHz of 700 MHz. And Verizon has 22 MHz of it. And 2 MHz is reserved as guard band. How do you expect them to offer unlimited data with 20 MHz?

Their 800 MHz spectrum is currently being used for 3G. Do you realize the uproar if Verizon suddenly get rid of 3G? That's why they stated it may take until 2021 to use it for 4G.

They should get some in the 600 MHz range when the FCC has their auctions for that of course the OTA TV people are complaining about that.