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Ai Otsukaholic
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Re: Spec'ing out an iMac for my brother

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The 27
On the 27" model, the RAM is easily user upgradable through a pop out panel on the back so I wouldn't bother buying Apple's expensive RAM (and buy from OWC instead). It has 4 SO-DIMM slots to support up to 4 X 8GB DIMM. It's the 21" that isn't easily serviceable.

I would get the larger HDD though, like the 3TB Fusion unless you don't think you would fill it up, although you could always add USB 3.0 external disks later.

Fusion isn't a drive, it is a logical volume, combining a separate SSD and separate HDD into the single logical volume group so that they appear to be a single large drive. It is similar to a RAID concat but OS X knows which part of the single large volume is the SSD and which is the HDD and moves the most commonly used files in the array to the SSD side.

If you have a Mac with an SSD and HDD you can set up your own logical volume group and have your own 'Fusion Drive'. I did with a 2011 mini and it is working great so far.