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O Fallon, MO
reply to dltaylor1978

Re: Subdivision in Cedar Springs wants Charter Services

I see you are posting from a TDS Metrocom address. What kind of DSL service is available there?
If someone refers to herself / himself as a "guru", they probably aren't.



I was told that they do not service this area. That is all I've heard from everyone.

O Fallon, MO

So, were you using someone else' computer?

Implying that 19 people would be loyal customers really doesn't lend credence to your case. "Loyal" customer is a moniker that has to be earned.
Unfortunately, it sounds as if you've moved into a subdivision where the developer failed to take broadband into account. He / she should have hammered out these arrangements when selecting a site, or been upfront about the lack of availability.
My mom moved into a subdivision just like that. Fortunately, the phone company was able to get their cables in, in the nick of time. The cable company hem-hawed around for YEARS. It was 30' from the last tap into the subdivision. But, it's a lot of trenching and boring to pass every house. Each of these houses were $400,000.00 minimum (people who have money to spend).
When the cable company finally did pass, everyone had satellite for their TV and DSL or a WISP for their internet, and nobody was interested. I still think there are very few households in that subdivision that use Charter.

Not knowing how far your are from service makes it impossible to tell if Charter is being stingy, or being reasonable. If you are a mile from service, and every inch of cable has to be bored in, Charter may be acting reasonably.
If you are 30' from service and they can easily trench through the subdivision, then they are probably being stingy.

You really have 3 choices:
1) Keep begging for internet service from the incumbents. Who knows, maybe some day they will listen. See if there's a franchise requirement where you live.
2) Do nothing and make do with what's available. Directway, Wild Blue, 3G/4G cellular, dialup, ISDN - whatever. If you are close enough to Grand Rapids, Clear may be available.
3) Get the loyal neighbors to pony-up, sign on the dotted line, and start a co-op WISP for your subdivision. Figure about $800-1000 / mo for 2 bonded T1's or HDSL derivative. Equipment to start out really isn't that expensive. You can probably go used for $1,000.00.
That's a $55 down payment from everyone, and $45-55 / mo. Of course that is "non-profit". If any of 19 aren't "loyal" enough to sign up, that drives the price up for everyone. Make sure they pay a hefty penalty to join later (payable back to the founding members).
The place to start would be the HOA if you have one.

PS, as soon as I post this, there will be some ass-hat that pops up and says T1's aren't worth anything. Ignore them. They know not of what they speak. T1 is better than nothing. In fact, I'd rather have a 1.5M T1 than 10M DSL any day of the week. 19 people can share 3.0M T1 and have decent service. In fact, they could probably make-do with a single 1.5.
If someone refers to herself / himself as a "guru", they probably aren't.



Thank you. I think I will talk to the association about the bonded T1's


Los Angeles, CA

The only real option is to get them to come out and officially take a look at your house. Tell them you want to know the cost of getting service if service is not available.

That will give you a starting point. If they come back and tell you it will be $50k, then you know its not feasible. If they come back and say $5k and you have 19 people willing to split the cost, chances are they will pick up a good portion of that cost.

But the first thing is to get them out with an estimate so you know what you are looking at.