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Greenwood, IN

Thunderbird 17.0 ESR, Tabs

The new release of Thunderbird 17.0esr moves the tabs to the top with no option to uncheck like in Firefox.

Boo!!! to Mozilla, I don't like it or get it. Makes no logical sense to me what-so-ever to have the tabs on top. Others might disagree, but why not give us the easy option of a check or uncheck.



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It's just another case of Mozilla thinking it knows better than we do what's good for us, which is an attitude that's just been getting worse with each new version since Fx4 was released. Personally, I've never had a problem with going to about:config for "hidden" settings (as this one now is, I think--same as with Firefox? [I haven't checked out Tb17 yet*]), so I don't particularly miss having an option in the context menu. It's not like I ever had to use it more than once, if at all. I put my Firefox tabs on the side now anyway (being wide-screen and all--more vertical space). Still, given the alternatives it's not like I'd trade in Firefox for a lesser browser (which all of the others still are); and there are no free alternatives for Thunderbird that I've found to be "worthy". Given time, though, Mozilla may find more and more ways to antagonize and alienate its users. We'll see.

[*Edit:]By the way, I'm still using Tb9. I've looked at most later releases, but I have zero need/reason to "upgrade".
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reply to OverBurn
Thankfully though one can still go into about:config in Firefox and bring up 'browser.tabs.OnTop' and set it to False to put the tabs back below the URL where they belong. Not sure if Thunderbird has an about:config option anywhere since I've never used it.

Worse comes to worse though, you can always try this addon to get the tabs back where they were:

»addons.mozilla.org/en-us/thunder ··· e-tools/