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bronx cheers from cheap seats
Mississauga, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to cynic10

Re: Time to start shopping for a new isp.

said by cynic10:

I find it ridiculous how you assume people who are complaining are guilty. Everyone is entitled to the right of privacy. "Live with it". What nonsense is this.

Even you admit the copyright law isn't perfect, why should we have to live with it? If no one is going to fight it then nothing is going to change.

It's about the gross abuse of system on those copyright trolls part into intimidating customers into paying fees for something they dont have much proof off.

Spare me your holier than thou attitude and go preach elsewhere.

Because it seems so many think everyone is guilty as soon as you get a letter.

It's no wonder there is no innocence until proven guilty in Canada. Anyone labeled a child pornographer is INSTANTLY labeled scum without proof. Just like several on here do about assumptions with piracy.

Koreyb, never really thought of you as that type.

I, with every ounce of my being believe the motreal based company caught me and i now must pay the piper...


Well because they said i did it.................

You know i was once accused of hitting someones car in a parking lot, and i will next time have to simply pay the piper because they said i did it, without proof i did.

This is such narrow minded thinking. Also because Teksavvy say's they're doing their best, they must be right?

>>>Dig hole
>>>Put head in sand