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Kitchener, ON

[TV] SA 8300 authorization?

Hi, sorry to bother everyone but I was wondering if anyone has tried connecting a rogers STB in a home that it was not originally purchased for? My father has cable and dial-up *shutter* and I just have rogers internet... I was able to bring my modem to his house... and it worked. So I was wondering if he could purchase another cable box and if I could use it at my house? or Does the authorization prevent it... Thanks for any help!


Scarborough, ON
The box will need to be authorized by Rogers. However, that should not be a problem. We were given a box from my father-in-law after he cancelled Rogers and switched to Bell. It was a purchased box. I called Rogers, told them it was given to us as a gift, and gave them the serial number. It was authorized right away.


Thornhill, ON
reply to Epichappy
Sounds like you want your new box and its services to billed to your fathers account. Yes it will work if you are not too far from your dad but it violates Rogers terms of service and would be considered theft of service. As a second box your dad would be paying nothing per month other than its rental fee or one time purchase price. But if you wanted service you would normally have to pay those fees plus the monthly programming fees. That's what you are stealing if you follow this plan.


Scarborough, ON
reply to Epichappy
It will work, but if your home is connected to a different head end then your father's, Rogers may find out and de-authorize your terminal.


Kitchener, ON
Thanks for your help, unfortunately I live in Kitchener and he lives in Woodstock. I suppose it would not be a good idea to connect his box here as I don't want rogers to remove me as a customer because of terms of service violations. Thanks for your help everyone!