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Spencer, MA
reply to medvedd

Re: [CATV] Missing channels in Madison, WI?

I had something similar happen to me a year or so ago here in Central Mass. Two of my local stations disappeared overnight. Charter customer service was as usual less than useless telling me I shouldn't be able to get any HD Channels, even the clearqam ones. I called the local office and got connected to the engineering office and talked to one of the local engineers. There had been a recent channel lineup reorganization. What was finally determined is a couple of the clearqam channels had been moved to an area of the band that was blocked by the filter Charter had installed on my line. The engineer sent out a tech to replace the filter with a newer one. After the filter was replaced, the missing channels returned. Unfortunately with the recent FCC payoff from the cable lobbyists and it's decision to allow full encryption on all channels I doubt you will be able to get this resolved since they will probably start encrypting everything in the not too distant future. If you want to get your local channels in HD after the encryption it's my understanding that you will not only have to pay for a HD box for every TV, but you will need to upgrade your service to the "Digital Home" package, which in my area starts at $67.99 plus the rental cost of the box's. If you can do it, it may be worth your while to look into having an antenna installed and going Over The Air. That is what I'm doing. The FCC encryption ruling was the final straw.