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Recommened Replacement Amp?

I've been sitting on what I think is a dead Wilson amp for awhile. I think it is dead because service usually gets worse when I insert it into my setup.

I'm trying to use this for my business so I need something that is going to give me a decent boost over the current tower that I pick up, which is only about 1-2 bars of EVDO. The tower must be overloaded as I can get the full ~1Mb some days and most others 10-20Kb with no change in service quality.

So I am looking for an amp to help me reach towards the highway ~6miles with a tower that hopefully has a better backhaul, or at least give me options for other towers.

There is 0 options where I am. Accel (sp) wants ~150 a month for 4GB, which I am not ready for. Out of two WISP's in the area I am in a deadspot. Otherwise a T1, but I can't get a good enough deal and I don't have enough business to pay for that overhead.

So is Wilson still recommended? I would rather not buy new connectors if that is needed to switch brands. What size would I look at, I think I confuse myself the more I look dB gains and actual gains.

Max Signal
Buffalo, NY
For 3G see Jims's review of the Cyfre amplifier at www.evdo-tips.com . Slays the Wilson head to head. Also great neadto head test at www.jackdanmayer.com . He is the big tech guru for RV users.


Vanleer, TN
reply to mooseracing9
buy a system that has all the connections, before i would write that amp off as dead id double check all the connections first , those usually go first, I sold you that amp a while back , I went through the same thing , and replaced a cable and wow , check those first ,

Max has a complete system that's not too bad and i don't know if he'll let you try before you buy or what but hes always been reasonable in the past even though we have butted heads once in a while
that's what happens when you put a new yorker and a tennessean in the same room