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Teksavvy, if it ain't, I am not fixing ya :)

Hey I been here for some time now, and I came here when it was as obvious as a kick in the crotch that Teksavvy was a good deal and Bell was of course a bunch of lying bastards not worth using even if free.

It isn't about the money and it never will be.

I pay for service, and I think I get that service, and a lot better service than I am ever going to get with Bell or the cable variation.

Teksavvy is not unique, but, they are the ones that said 'screw you to Bell' so I like them for that. So even though I might get a bit of a performance tweak with say Nexicom, or possibly Acanac or more recently someone has mentioned Start Communiations the thing is, about all I ever have of worth most of the time is my word.

And I have never wished to jump ship just because someone waves a shiny offer in my face. It's going to take more than a couple of bucks to make me finally go elsewhere.

All this stuff about copy protection, yeah only a fool thinks Teksavvy is going to be better than or worse than all the rest of the ISPs out there. Nexicom will not have my back more so than Teksavvy, nor will any other operation big or small.

I am not leaving Teksavvy over this issue, because it is not something Teksavvy has much power over to begin with. In the end, if someone wants to accuse you of something and they tell Teksavvy to give up some log details, Teksavvy will need to comply if the demands are issued correctly.

I'm ok sitting here knowing that yes, they can claim a lot of things, but I am also aware of how little can be determined by an IP address. The world is full of clever people that can make themselves invisible to all but the most high powered mega search functions performed by equally skilled computer users.

I am typing on a laptop at home right now. I might be typing at a Tim Horton's later. Are they going to sue Tim Horton's if I download from there while drinking my hot chocolate? Yeah, now you see the problem.

Online theft is going to happen, and copy write law is as useful as a collander is for holding water. I think it would be nice if content producers actually just started making content with acknowledgment of the real world they make it in and just stopped pissing everyone off. Your 20th century business model isn't worth sweet fucking diddly. Stop wasting all of our time forcing law enforcement to make a worthless business model work. I'd rather law enforcement spend their time doing something useful.

I don't 'like' Steam, but I find myself using it. I't not great, but is seems at least useful enough. See Hollywood, I was ok with some change even though it is not entirely what I want. Now it is your turn, start making some changes, even if you don't reeeeally like some of them. Because they DO work eh. I've already ditched cable TV as being stupid. I could just as easily ditch the theatre experience as well. You can always send me the film direct to my larger than I ever thought I'd have TV. I don't need the theatre, and neither do you. I don't need their over priced munchies that they need to sell because you rip them off of the ticket price. It would be sad to see them go, but I didn't cry when they closed the Blockbuster video rental store in town either.

Get with the times Hollywood. Some of your traditional methods are no longer worth shit. It's nice to watch a film on a 20 foot wide screen, but, it's better to watch it on a 4-7 foot wide screen at home if I don't need to worry about getting dressed, and my lazyboy is more comfortable too. Not to mention I have plenty to eat in my fridge.

The same can be said about music, about books, about a lot of things being 'stolen' online. Sell the thing to us better, and you will make plenty of money just fine. Steam is currently running circles around traditional game selling methods.

Teksavvy, I am not leaving you until you actually ARE broken.
You ain't broken, it's the thinking of the assholes in media industries that think they can get away spamming us with their pathetic threats.
If they think I stole from them, they can come to my door and prove it. Otherwise, my reply will be to ignore them like the spam they are. My IP address is not me. Half the time the internet thinks I live a 90 minute drive from here.

The only thing cutting off my internet accomplishes, is removing me from all the stores I shop at. I think Amazon, and Google, and countless smaller retailers better start being told how much harm this crap from Hollywood stands to do to them. All the games I have bought as online purchased digital downloads.
None of it will be happening if I say screw it and go offline. Because some of us will simply quit the conventional means of getting internet given enough shoving around.
It's time more than just the ISPs and a few annoyed people voiced their objections. Maybe it is time all the non Hollywood retail world gets in on this and tells Hollywood to piss off or else.

I see it the same way. As for Voltage pictures the case is simple or cut and dry. Canadians have no bandwidth in Canada because of absurd caps. The judge being a layman doesn't understand what that means. It simply means with such low caps and especially in Ontario uploaders wouldn't even make a dent in Voltages sales. Put another way Verizon fios uploaders would upload perhaps 10,000 to a million times more than uploaders in Ontario Canada.