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Re: [TWC] TWC Signature Home Unreliable Service NC-Rockingham Ub

With Signature Home you pay nothing extra for the modem/wireless gateway and nothing for wireless connectivity. I’ve had Signature Home for 2 years now, and as soon as the tech left after swapping my equipment, I hooked my own Linksys router back up and had the UBee gateway put into bridge modem. Earlier this year I upgraded to the same router you have, the Linksys EA4500. I really don’t know why you don’t use that. It’s a great piece of hardware that cost you probably upwards of $200, so why not use it to its fullest? A few months ago I replaced the Ubee and now have an Arris D3 Gateway/MTA and I had it in bridge mode since I hooked it up. I would NEVER in a million years use the routing capabilities of a Time Warner provided gateway. Off the top of my head I have around 20 devices on my network, seven of them being wireless and the remaining are hardwired, never had a problem with connectivity using a Time Warner provided modem in conjunction with my own Linksys router.

My advice, put the Ubee in bridge mode and use the Linksys and see if that solves your problems.
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Thanks for the advice Steve Mehs,
Although on my bill I have a line item for $5 for wireless. (it may be the wireless modem rental) My linksys modem will do guest wireless (For security I like having it hardware separated)... instead of trying to get this modem to work in a feature disabled mode shouldn't I request a different type of modem? are there any out there that does what the Ubee does or is reliable?