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Tampa, FL
reply to rbmoving

Re: Channel 8\NBC Price Increase

I wish a company would do this, but it would be suicide for a company because if they don't all do it then the customer will just switch. It's to bad that these contracts do not end at the same time for multiple companies. Would make it a lot harder on the channel provider if the cable, and telco companies came together.

Shattered Dreams

Tampa, FL

Agreed ... It would be nice to see a television provider not "give-in" ... Keep our bills a little lower each year.


Largo, FL

I'm not sure it's always the providers "giving in", as the negotiation is usually going both ways. WFLA will lose advertising dollars if it is no longer carried on BHN, and BHN loses subscribers if it doesn't carry WFLA. Unfortunately, the subscribers are left in the middle of the battle.

The worst part of the problem is that horrible crawl that WFLA puts on the screen during prime time warning us about the agreement ending.