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reply to koreyb

Re: Time to start shopping for a new isp.

said by koreyb:

I can tell you for a fact the big 3 would hand over your info if ordered by a court. I'm shocked how everyone seems to feel if they broke the law they should be shielded... Canadians are becoming far too entitled if they think it should be an isps duty to not follow the new rules on logs and not follow a court order should one be given. Get your heads out of the clouds... Tsi is asking the courts to give a ruling. If they say give it to them... Then they have to comply... The new copyright law isn't perfect but its the law now... Live with it... As no one did.much before they made the law.

anyone would if ordered by a court
but after standing up for net neutrality and user rights you'd think that some way they might at least fire off one across the bow of voltage about the technicallity they filed for the wrong thing and can't prove what they are claiming so why bother giving them the users names and addresses. It makes no differance they can't prove commerical infringement with just an ip address trading/sharing a file.

NOW warning you all is good , shows the system is broken already and needs a lil more fixing as in more process added to evidence discovery for proof that commerical or non commerical was done.

and i'll bet you 50 bucks voltage won't refile for non commerical cause there just is too much risk to get no money using lawyers.
ALSO an aspect of where they filed might mean they can't enjoin all these people this way , as provincial courts have jurisdiction on class actions....thus they need to file in a lower court and thus also can't file for punitive commerical this way...
to hit you punitively using a federal law they must file federally and cant join all the cases....

class actions are meant for we the people to fight big bad companies and corproations not the other way around, and judges are making recently the rules tougher to get any class action going.