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Bluffton, SC
·Hargray Cable
reply to 88615298

Re: These companies don't want online video

said by 88615298:

said by Corehhi:

Money to be made???? IT was a huge amount of money to be made in fact the movie industry never made so much. Rental income plus they could dump crappy movies in a video store and actually make money off of them. VCR's turned out to be the best thing ever for them.

Yes we I that. That was my whole point. Just like when the VCR came out the movie/TV industry was afraid to innovate and embrace a new technology out of fear it would reduce profits. especially when the old ways were still making them money. They could have made billions more if they had embraced the VCR sooner. They are making the same mistake here.

The exception is here people have an easy alternative to getting their content even if it's not legal. And these people will be hard to get back as customers once they go that route. And these people will teach their kids that not paying for content is the way to go. The music industry has learned this hard lesson. There is whole generation that will never pay for music again. Billions were lost and billions will continue to be lost because of that mistake.

Most media is over priced which is also a problem. That's why Itunes did so well, reasonable price, easy to use still DRM problems but it worked and is profitable.

West Tenness
There is no DRM on iTunes music. many people still feel 99 cents is too much and many songs are $1.29. Also the way the music has been over the years with it's DRM and lawsuits and such many people wouldn't buy music it was 10 songs for a penny, just out of spite.

And yes the media is overpriced. They have lots of issues. Embracing online video would at least reduce the number of problems. Then they can work on the rest.

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
Fully embracing online video with minimal DRM or platform limiting headaches would also gain IP owners more sympathy from the tech minded people.

Right now there is a general attitude even from people who would never pirate that companies who refuse to adapt get what they deserve.
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