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Etobicoke, ON
·Bell Sympatico
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Re: Supermicro motherboard beeping

I'd guess it's an overheating warning tone.

My old EVGA motherboard had a similar feature - whenever it detected that the CPU had reached a set temperature (as configured in the BIOS settings), it would automatically throttle the CPU to 50% (or as specified), max out the fan speeds and produce the audible 'beep' until the temperature dropped below the set value.

If it is a heat warning, have you checked your system/heatsink/fan for excessive dust? Otherwise, you may have to carefully inspect the the heatsink or reinstall/reapply TIM as required. In my situation, it actually turned out to be a loose CPU Heatsink bracket (used cheap plastic tabs to mount it to the motherboard) that prevented the heatsink from making a good/tight contact with the CPU.

Poway, CA
Since I just installed a new CPU heatsink a couple of weeks ago (I wanted one with a quieter fan), dust should not be an issue. The Hardware Monitor section of the BIOS showed that the CPU and System temperatures were about 40 degrees C below the overheat threshold (the reported temperatures were about 28 degrees C and the overheat threshold is 70), so overheating would not appear to be present. If it was overheating, the fans would probably continuously run at full speed (as in your case)- here, the fans slightly sped up after each beep, then slowed back down again.

The new heatsink is securely installed with metal brackets (no cheap plastic fasteners), so it is unlikely to become detached at any of the corners.

One puzzling thing is that the single beep which occurs when power is applied and the continuous beeps that happened when the RAM was removed are somewhat high in frequency; the mysterious beeping that I heard was lower in pitch. So, this beeping may not have been a warning signal (although if it wasn't a warning, what was it?). Maybe the Supermicro people can shed some light on this (I will contact them after the holiday).

Poway, CA
New mystery- This morning, I wanted to change something within the Windows XP installation (which is on the extra hard drive mentioned above), so I needed to go into the BIOS to change the boot order. While I was in the BIOS configuration pages, the system started beeping constantly (I used the BIOS configuration many times in the past with no beeps ever showing up). Once I left the BIOS configuration and booted up Windows XP, the beeping stopped.

After I was through using Windows, I needed to change the boot order back to where it normally is, so I had to go into the BIOS once more. Again, the motherboard beeped constantly while I was in the BIOS configuration and the beeping stopped once I exited the BIOS.

The other day, when the beeping first started, it was happening while I was not using the BIOS configuration pages.

Strange happenings!