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Fremont, MI

Franchising Authority, get comcast to extend line 1/4 mile

Hey all, I've been hearing that some franchising authorities can require that a service be connected to all residences if requested, so I was curious if anyone knew where to find who the authority was for Newaygo County, Michigan, 49412.
If anyone finds out please let me know!
And if anyone knows all of what would be required for this I would love to know!
I know everyone past the end of the service line would love for it to be extended, there's at least 12 households that are willing to pay for the services if we can get them extended, so if anyone could give some helpful pointers and so on I would LOVE to know.

Thanks a ton in advance!!!

Cable Employ

Saint Paul, MN
Call the city office, and ask. Generally it is a city or county commission.


Fremont, MI
alright, thanks, I'll have to get ahold of them after the holidays.

Chanhassen, MN
reply to destrano1
If you know somebody that has service nearby have them look at botton of their bill. It should have franchise contact.


Santa Fe, NM
reply to destrano1
Just to ask the obvious question - have you submitted a Comcast service request and if it was denied, spoken with your local construction office?


reply to destrano1
should say it on bottom of your bill

That VoIP Guy
East Lansing, MI
reply to destrano1
Michigan of Comcast has a state-wide franchisee agreement that covers connectivity (they are still required to have local offices, but the agreements are no longer with the municipalities). You have very little recourse, as everything require a petition to the MI-PSC, and their schedule is already booked through July (plus you would have to petition in-person in Lansing).

You can go to the local Comcast office and offer to pay the equipment fees to get connected (and share it with your neighbors). This is often extremely expensive -- sometimes in the 10's of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just an example, it was going to cost one of my customers about $9,000 for them to extend it one city block through pre-existing conduit and man holes that the customer already owned going right up to their node.

The process is you need to contact your local office (you can find that on the Comcast website). A construction supervisor will come out and estimate how much it will cost to connect. They won't do anything else until you (and others) offer to pay it.

Franchises died in Michigan about 8 years ago when AT&T managed to lobby through the legislators and reps a bill that allowed for state-wide agreements to superseded local governments. Comcast was mum on the bills (but silently was rooting for them to go through).


Fremont, MI
Crap, alright, sounds basically like a done deal then.. lol, i'll have to deal with radio tower internet for a while longer then >.

2600 ways to live
Sterling Heights, MI
Here is how it works....

When a cable company signs a franchise agreement, they have to adhere to have their cable AVAILABLE at x% of address (decided by the city/cable company). Usually in more rural areas, those numbers are lower, as getting cable to those homes is much more expensive than a more densly populated area. So, if the agreement is at 80%, and there are 1000 homes in your area, the cable company only has to be AVAILABLE (please note this doesnt be subscribed to) these 800 homes.

You can check with your franchise. Did you call and get a quote on construction costs? Also, if you have a neighbor(s) who might be willing to split the costs with you, that may be another route.

Quakertown, PA
I dont think state wide franchise agreements have that requirement. Lol imagine if a cable company was required to run a line across a whole state to service one person. That being said a quarter mile is certainly worth the call to comcast.