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Re: Thank you for taking the time to share your experience...but

My IP Address
BH service tech spent an hour and a half at my home today and finally said it was my computer. I took it to Staples and they were able to get on their wireless network with no problem!! I let them keep my laptop for complete diagnostics. They said after they go over the computer they will verify that everything is working properly and if I still can't get onto internet it has to be the BH connection, modem or router! This is costing me $199.

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
MrDan go here »Bright House Networks Direct and post this concern. The IP address however is your local address and I need the WAN IP. Simply go to google and type "What is my IP" and it will tell you. I will take care of it from there. I would hold on the diagnostics thing until I have had a chance to review everything...so call them and ask them to stop if possible. If something needs to be done I'll guide you so it doesn't cost you anything and we'll get this taken care of.
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