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IP Telephony Addict
Victoria, BC
reply to jsoto

Re: Give me a Laymans Breakdown on VOIP (backend)

Endpoint (your phone) --> Your gateway (for example, Asterisk) --> Carrier (a CLEC or ILEC) --> Terminating Carrier --> Endpoint (landline phone)

If you go up a layer, to the IP level, you'll have a number of routers and network links that make up the connection from your endpoint to your gateway. Each one of these is an additional potential point of failure.

If your testing shows that communication between your gateway has no problems, then I'd suspect the problem to either be with your Asterisk server or between your server and the carrier. If you don't control the gateway the latter will be challenging if not impossible to diagnose for sure.
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So the PSTN is always talking to the Gateway ?

To conclude, if I'm not seeing ANY latency issues or weird blips on the routes it takes to the Gateway, the numerous issues I am seeing is not *the internet connecton* -- aka, our fault.

I'm having various issues likes calls coming in, and I can't pick them up. The only way to get rid of the call is to hit Reject. NUMEROUS call quality issues, dropped calls, etc.