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Caldwell, NJ

[DVR] Rgn200n

I am helping my parents. They had a hd non dvr cable box. Worked fine np. They wanted to record so they got a dvr. Connected it. Brand new unit. I called to have it activated. Wont take the activation signal. Stuck at 0. It boots, displays CONN when it connects to hdmi, screen on tv goes black. Then the box shows dashes and then displays 0. My question is this. Could the cables themselves (there are three splitters in the house) allow the hd non dvr box to work, but not be good enough for the newer hd dvr box ?


Did you actually speak to someone when you called to activate it, or did you have the automated system do it? I always have to have a real live human do it or it won't work. They often times néed the serial number to do it right.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
reply to Njtr1
If after having a live person send the signals find that the box cannot be activated over the phone, you may need to have a technician visit and check the signal levels :/

Roseville, MI

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reply to Njtr1
Or try calling again, maybe you'll get a smarter (better trained)
I had a problem with my eMTA, 1st CSR tried and couldn't fix the issue, set up a truck roll.
I waited a half hour, called again, 2nd CSR fixed it in 5 minutes.
Truck roll canceled...

Iowa native
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..
reply to Njtr1
You could also have a bad box, I'd take it to their office and swap it out. I once swapped out a EMTA for my grandma at the Time Warner office (she lives in Maine) and the first one was faulty. Took it back to the office and swapped it for another. Sometimes the equipment they issue at the office is faulty.

I basically have to play cable tech for my grandma as she does not like visitors (she is ashamed of the condition of her home courtesy of her dog, that came from a bad background and she refuses to get rid of). She got mad at me for sending the ambulance when I thought she was having a diabetic issue when she really fell asleep when I called her. Some people just don't like visitors so be considerate of your family's wishes before setting up a truck roll. She is having problems with her phone so I am going to be doing more troubleshooting when I go up there later this week. I have the tools neccesary to repair cable (compression fitting tool, phone/Ethernet termination tool, coax stripper). For signal levels, the cable modem and STB diagnostic screens do the trick.

If the wiring is in relatively good condition, there are two sources of problems with one being CPE and the other being the cable plant.