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Urbandale, IA
reply to H2OuUp2

Re: [Rant] UPS delivery will not ring the doorbell

said by H2OuUp2:

UPS drivers get paid an hourly wage, + OT for any time over 8 hours in one day, + bonus. Bonus is based on ST wages and is paid above and beyond the hours a driver works.

To get bonus you must have what UPS calls a planned day greater than what you actually worked. So If you have an 11 hour planned day, and you work 10 hours you would get. $32 per hour for 8 hours + $48 per hour for 2 hours + 1 hour of bonus at $32.

In this case the driver would make $384.00 or an average of $38.40 per hour by working 10 hours. Now if the driver ran scratch he would take 11 hours to complete his day and would make a total of $400 or $36.36 per hour.

Oh and UPS is more interested in NDPPH or Net Delivered Pieces Per Hour. You don't make the money from stops, you make it from packages you deliver. The only reason the driver would say SPORH or Stops Per On Road Hour is because that is what his supervisor talks to him about. The faster you can get done the better your NDPPH is. However, a large residential route vs a business route with multiple parcels at each stop is the true money maker.

The method of a UPS driver is:

They are also suppose to honk the horn as they pull up to the stop, and as they approach the door call out UPS, then they ring the bell and knock both. It looks like your driver is only doing one of these and not very well.

If you want to get this fixed it may take some time. You will need to follow a chain of command. Start off by contacting the local facility, and talk to an OMS, take down the name and time you called and what they said they would do. If the problem continues go to the on road supervisor (the person who the driver directly reports to), if it still isn't corrected then send a letter to the manager who is over the supervisor. If it still is not corrected then send a letter to the corporate office and state who you talked to, when and what they said they would do. This will get a lot of attention. They will have one hour to call you back once the letter is received.

Bottom line if you have a good driver you won't have a lot of problems, but if you have a bad driver or are on a coverage route then get ready. It is very hard to fire a driver because they are union.

My driver recently did none of those things. I'm glad the Wii U was in a plain brown box so it didn't look like something someone would want to steal. "Safe" neighborhood or no, you don't know what people are going to do, and I'd rather not have my daughter's Christmas present stolen. I was rather irritated. I was at home. The only reason I heard them was because I can hear the noise of the delivery truck making its way around the neighborhood. But the room I work from has no window out to the street, it faces the back yard. There was definitely no horn, no knock, and no doorbell. I purposefully left the door to the room I was in open so I'd hear any of the above.
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