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Laveen, AZ

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YouTube Upload Speeds & Up Higher Than Down

Does Cox throttle uploads to YouTube? Reason I ask is that no matter what my upload speeds stay between 250kbps and 325kbps even though speedtest.net shows my upload speed is, on average of 12 tests, 21 MBPS.

That is another thing, why is my upload higher than my download speeds? Speetest shows usually between 12 MBPS and 28 MBPS with an average of 18 MBPS. My upload on the other hand is between 21 MBPS and 32 MBPS with an average of 26 MBPS.

More info:

Modem: Motorola SB6141

Signal levels:

27759KB/s Down
538kb/s Up


Las Vegas, NV
your download power boost speed is capped that is why it is not bursting as high as it once was

your upload speed is uncapped as of now i get higher upload speeds then my download as well since about a few months ago