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Springfield, MO

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reply to SparkChaser

Re: PSU's and DC-DC convters or Is There An EE In The House!?

the big one is a Compass 6HV a 600 class (590 to 630mm main blades) and the "small" one is a T-Rex 500 ESP a 500 class (425mm main blades)
btw the 6HV i measured using ~3500watts with a peak of 4000watts it weighs in at 3.2kg

this is what im going to use
its designed for 40amp loads and is fused

lots of fun man but not cheap by any means but dont let that stop you

if you want get in to the hobby get a get mCX2 ~120 bucks comes with every thing and pick up a few extra lipos for it total cost should be around 150

if you think its some thing you really want to do after that pick up as much TX as you can afford and a sim like Phoenix RC
at lest get a DX6i or better i fly a Spektrum DX8

feel free pm me if you need any help and check out »www.helifreak.com

also »www.modelaircraft.org/ if you go want to fly some thing 'big' you should join the AMA you can also look up clubs near you most love to have people stop by and watch

next project im saving for will be a Goblin 700 or 770 which swings 700mm to 770mm mains

fun fact since all the cells are in parallel in when setup like that ie pack 1's cell 1 is in parallel with pack 2's cell 1 etc
the MORE packs you put on the more the internal resistance of the cells even out and the better balanced all the cells are

lipos also have some nifty tricks do the chemistry of them
since the higher the capacity of the cell the lower the internal resistance of the cell
AND the internal resistance goes up as function of the voltage

this site has some good stuff on the how and why it works

Downingtown, PA
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Thanks for the info. That MCX2 sounds pretty good. Eflite are the batteries I been using along with their balanced charger but only 0.6A

Here is the local store, prices seem good on the MCX2 »www.hobbyhut.com/SearchResults.a···rch=mcx2


Springfield, MO

1 recommendation

thats the one get the "RTF" itll come with a TX that looks like game controller, 1S lipo and charger that runs on 2xAA
you can replace this with a real TX later down the road like a DX6i, DX7s, DX8, DX18

and imo get at lest 2 extra 1S 120mAh packs for it if not 4 or so they dont cost much and you only get ~5min a pack
im guessing you already know about not over discharging them
so use a timer dont just fly till the LVC
you can also get cables to charge the lipos with the charger you have already and do up to 6 at once

nice thing is its small and very stable so you can fly in the living room its not good out side unless its DEAD CALM

and if you do break it you can get parts to repair it


Springfield, MO
reply to SparkChaser
thats a nice local shop wish the one here was that nice your guys even carry Compass
i have mail order every thing from Nankin Hobbies they are the US distributor for Compass

let me know how works out send me a pick with your new heli