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Re: Using Magicjack without the hardware

If your internet connection doesn't suck its probably well worth the cost. What may be better though if you don't want to spring for landline cost at all and don't have a cell is to get 2 VOIP lines as long as they use different networks. When one is down you have the other. Maybe one with a per minute use like voip.ms for one of them and an unlimited one for the other? I'm using Nettalk Duo and its been surprisingly good when its up but its often not. I'll have to reset the unit often. Not sure why. The smart thing is to use VOIP without any hardware at all. Just the softphone. You can't do that with Nettalk. You used to be able to do that with Magicjack with their Magictalk softphone. Not sure now. The hardware can disappoint a lot more than the network. Since most of us have the computer on all the time anyway, just use that for your phone. I've heard very good things about voip.ms and perhaps one of the reasons their reviews are so good is that you don't need any hardware to use it. Why Nettalk and Magicjack and others don't give their customers an option to get just the service without bothering with all the hardware headaches is beyond me. Probably they're afraid of losing control? Using the hardware also means you need a stupid phone on your desk. More clutter. How many phone numbers can your phone hold? Its pathetic. Your computer is far superior in every way. See a number you want to dial online? Just copy and paste it into your softphone and poof - connected. There's no comparison. If you live in the US there's really no need to pay for VOIP. Voxox and Fongo offer free VOIP service but it may be impossible to get a number in your area. If you're in a major city you're home free. Wish I was.

Realize that all your calling features are either related to incoming or outgoing calling. Its very important to compartmentalize these things. And having more then one outgoing line is great too if you're on hold a lot. And calling out on your outgoing line means that you can walk away and if someone calls you won't miss that faint call waiting beep when an incoming call occurs. Always separate your outgoing from your incoming calling. Voxox allows you to display whatever number you want on your outgoing call. This is an incredible feature. If anyone knows of anyone else that allows this please let us know. You want multi lines outing displaying your incoming number and one number (with call waiting of course) incoming. Gmail can be also used for outgoing if you want to block your call if your outgoing VOIP provider doesn't offer *67. But you don't ever want to display PRIVATE as so many people just don't bother picking up those calls. Using VOIP in a quiet room is vital unless you have a top notch noise canceling mic. Personally I don't like headsets but if you want privacy its the only way. When you use a speakerphone its like you're talking to the person in front of you. Its very natural. Feedback is never a problem with me perhaps because the handoff isn't fast enough in VOIP. Not sure about that. Others would know here.