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reply to 88615298

Re: Attention: your FCC as been pimped out

said by 88615298:

And you still have Yet to explain then why Sprint would want to buy Clearwire out for the spectrum

Fixed Wireless.

What else would it have been for? Just because people erroneously implied it would be used in cell phones does not mean you have to believe it.

I have serious doubt ATT can make 2300 Mhz work for typical cellular usage, but it would make an awesome fixed wireless band.


Fort Wayne, IN

WiMax was being used in 2.5ghz band on cell phones

The 2.3ghz band can very well used by AT&T on their cell sites and cell phones. 2.3ghz can be used to offload lots of data congestion from 700/AWS networks with those in enough range to use it. It would be especially valuable in extremely dense data traffic areas where it is harder to get the most out of a slim band of spectrum (700mhz).

With VZW's and T-mobile's recent AWS acquisitions, AT&T is behind in the 4G spectrum race. 850/1900 is already too congested for re-farming in dense areas.

West Tenness
reply to DataRiker

Even if it's for fixed wireless that still help mobile. For example Verizon currently uses 700 MHz for both mobile and it's fixed wireless Homefusion service. No doubt the fact that some bandwidth has to be used for fixed service limits how much can be used for moible. If Verizon had HomeFusion on another band that would free up bandwidth for mobile on 700 Mhz. Thus Sprint using 2500 MHz for fixed wireless means they are not having to use spectrum they also use for cell phones thus leaving more bandwidth for mobile.


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reply to zephxiii

said by zephxiii:

WiMax was being used in 2.5ghz band on cell phones

Firstly Sprints WiMax in Kansas City was primarily in the 2.6 Ghz band. Sprint is no longer releasing WiMax enabled phones for a reason. We are literally saturated with WiMax in Kansas City and you can't even hold a connection inside a car with an EVO4G.

At one point they were giving away 4G/Wimax access point for peoples homes so they wouldn't return their devices.

Sprint is now focusing on developing the 1900 Mhz band.

99% of Wimax uses fixed receiver base stations with significant power to reach the multi-mile point. (In exactly the same way you can achieve multi-mile access over wifi - minus interference )