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Re: [Rant] UPS, Again!

Initial Question: I am trying to figure out why my package was dropped off on Friday at UPS service center at 238pm, just 17mins from my home (it as just raining, not hailing or storming) and it is now Monday 2pm and I still haven't seen my package Mario C.: Hi, this is Mario C.. I'll be happy to assist you.
Erica: It was ordered as 2 day air delivery. I understand wather, but has happened in 3 states and we only had rain on Friday here in MA- nothing to stop driving in, as myself and thousands of others were driving at 230pm on Friday
Erica: *weather
Mario C.: Just a moment while I review your tracking information.
Erica: Can you please tell me if I will actually see it today or not? I could have driving to Dartmouth to pick it up myself if I would have been notified when it was dropped off at that facility rather thank when I got home later and noticed it on the tracker
Mario C.: The package will be delivered today.
Mario C.: Due to day-to-day variations in package volume, driver delivery routes, driver pickup routes, and your location on these routes; UPS is unable to provide or schedule a specific delivery time. Due to our high peak season, the packages will be delivered by 8:00 pm or later.
Erica: So why was it dropped off at a close by facility (!7mins from my home) at 230pm on Friday?
Mario C.: Unfortunately, the package in charge of delivering your package is the UPS location at: UPS CC - N DARTMOUTH
N DARTMOUTH, MA 02747-1969
Mario C.: This is why the package could not be delivered to a UPS location close by.
Erica: No, that IS the UPS location close to me. According to the tracker, it was dropped off at that facility on Friday at 2:38pm. I could have driven there myself to pick it up had they notified me that it was never going to be delivered.
Mario C.: I can see how frustrating this must be.
Mario C.: Rest assured your package will be delivered today.
Erica: I sure hope so. I also hope the driver actuallys knocks or rings doorbell instead of just putting closest spot to house and taking off. I will go with companies who use FedEx or USPS instead from here on out.