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Sherwood, MI
reply to BlitzenZeus

Re: Some Firefox Users Can Dump Adobe Flash

Frankly noscript is a pain in the ass to just block specific functionality, using it being akin to masochism, and ABP won't work if the video doesn't fall under ABP's filters (not talking so much ad networks but solo efforts of the web designers to have a video start playing).

There's a way to disable autoplay in Firefox but if YouTube found a way around it everyone else can.
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The Rock
No script might be a pain to use, but if more people used it there would be less infections thus making my life easier. I use it and have no issues with it.
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Burnt Out Cynic
reply to redxii
I see you don't care for it in it's default mode, it's easy to have it allow all scripts globally, and then you can filter out the advertising sites so sites by default will work as intended. There's things noscript can protect you from even in the global mode also by default like cross server stuff. I like to combine noscript, and flashblock so I still get the chance to click to play for flash on sites I've allowed to run scripts.
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