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Troy Mcclure

Seattle, WA
reply to Zero8270

Re: 2 phone lines 2 modems high ping/latency Might of resolved

So it seems your internet connection is fine in the middle of the night and is terrible in the day time, when most other people are using theirs?
Join the CL monopoly club.

Answer: Oversold DSLAM.

How to get it fixed: write to the FCC , FTC and your state AG, complain about them selling you product and not delivering.

What will happen: nothing.

I have 2 DSL lines, work perfectly most of the time, the DSLAM is oversold, so I can't get the advertised speeds.

The CL support do know that it is oversold, they use the term 'congested network'. The CL field technicians use the term 'oversold' though.