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reply to Riplin

Re: Info: Length of time Canadian ISPs retain IP address logs

said by Riplin:

Most ISP's will not divulge this info to you. Why? Because it gives the customer something to think about (aka power) and they don't want you thinking about not signing up with them. The less you know the better for them.

would not a threat then of legal action as they are beholden to a privacy law and to make an informed choice on any actual contract all the options that can way in MUST be provided as there is case law that states that if one side knowingly holds back vital information that the contract can be null and void ergo there right to even have the data might be null if they dont tell you....banks have to tell you , your doctor has to provide your stuff the govt ....mostly unles syuo got terror links LOL...and this is why freeodm of information requests can be made as well.