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Peoria, AZ

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I concur -- and I work in a cable internet call center

I had a similar experience that I haven't had the time to forward the complaint to the higher ups and BBB. We canceled cable TV (I live in an area we don't provide services) to get DirecTV as it would have been cheaper even if I was in full price. The breakdown is:

I called up for some pre-sales question - hung up on while getting some information and the person quickly came from nice to frustrated... I was also ill at the time.

We finally ordered the services as we are moving, only to find out that the CSR didn't include the wireless clients for the Genie. No problem... however they had to do the whole order again, giving us a new account number (makes no sense to me)... which we found out that she also made a mistake (missed our referral). Also we ordered the Fox Sports A La Carte (Channels 621/622) but that somehow was missed... and now to the customer/technical support...

I called technicial support and apparantely they don't know their lineups as they told me 621 and 622 is not available as a separate package/a la carte... but their channel lineup says so otherwise. They were trying to push the full package or drop to the lower teir and get sports because my current plan does not allow to add sports to it.

Also they were trying to make themselves look good for offering me their wireless access point so I can have on-demand for free... however it was already in my order and the tech did not install it/didn't have it with him.

The field tech was nice and did a good job and so far I have had no issues with the service or it's quality (living in Arizona has it's benefits... unless you are in the north )

Now our move is done... time to rip into a manager about these inconsistencies. If it wasn't for conflict of interest, i would demand the CS Managers job and fix this ugly mess.
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