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reply to Guspaz

Re: OVH pricing at Montreal datacenter is... insane?

said by Guspaz:

I haven't seen anybody discuss this anywhere else (even WHT), but it seems that OVH's datacenter in Beauharnois is starting general availability. Confusingly, their French and English sites have completely different offerings. Looks like the English site is from the beta and the French site is the new one. Maybe they just haven't finished the English one yet?





Anyhow, I was looking at their pricing, and it made me do a spit take:

$39/dual core i3-2310/8GB RAM/2x1TB HDD/5TB transfer, after which 10mbit unmetered
$49/dual core i3-2310/16GB RAM/2x1TB HDD/5TB transfer, after which 10mbit unmetered
$59/quad core i5-3570S/16GB RAM/2x2TB HDD/1gbit unmetered in, 100mbit unmetered out

o_O That's basically $0.059 per megabit inbound or $0.59 per megabit outbound. They also have a server where you buy increments of 100 megabit for $129 per month, so that's a bit less insane.

So, umm, this is going to shake up the Canadian (and American) hosting markets something fierce... And it'll be interesting to see what sort of impact we get on general transit pricing in eastern Canada considering OVH must be getting providers to bring in hundreds or thousands of gigabits of transit to Montreal (this is to be the largest datacenter in the world with 360k servers when full).

EDIT: Regarding bandwidth, OVH has about 2 terabits of transit worldwide, they currently have 120k servers, the Montreal datacenter has a capacity of 360k servers, so assuming per-server bandwidth usage never changes (unlikely) eventually their Montreal datacenter would consume 6-8 terabits per second of transit. That's a lot of bandwidth to bring into Montreal...

EDIT: Or maybe not. They've currently deployed 100 gigabit DWDM equipment, so they can put up to 8.8 terabits on a single fibre strand. So no massive fibre build in Montreal, I guess :P

befor ei read all that let me ask you why on earth would i host with ovh with voltage trolls trying to harrass is just as likely to slip stuff in and or monitor you....

ive resold for these guys and had 80 servers rented inside a 2 month period
and i htink that world wide they ahve more bandwidth then they claim....
2 terabits is 2000 gigabits or 2,000,000 megabits
thats 20000 - 100 megabit seedboxes right? well then you think of gigabit servers and possibly 100-200 of those going number seems low....but it wont be growing it will in fact decrease as time goes on and the noose tightens on file sharing...

it will get to point were we are back to the FXP era of just hacking in and taking or putting stuff in places and tax man and corporations get zero dollars....
all this push to vpns will be a laugh when they make it law you have to hand over all your encryption authorities that seem bent on getting filesharing...

this is why you if your into all this get what you could to go on and live without all of it and know that in time and it wont take till the end of obama's reign of economic terror to become reality.