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Newburgh, NY

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reply to io chico

Re: Thank you

said by io chico:

Karl, thank you for all that you do. This is my go-to site!

Merry Christmas

This place has been THE place for Broadband since the advent of DSL. Justin, YOU were brilliant... You put together a place where people could talk and inform each other of their own experiences. You expanded on that with really good people and with their help grew it into what it is today.

I'm on my third incarnation on this site. I left a couple of times because of things, I guess, things you could call growing pains. I was never asked to leave, no matter how controversial I got, because, I was speaking the truth. I will ALWAYS appreciate Justin and ALL the staff (paid and volunteer) for their professionalism, their courtesy, and their thoughtfulness AND their dedication that made THIS SITE possible.

Karl is a brilliant editor and is a HUGE contribution to this site. He ferrets out stories and keeps us so well informed. He joins a long, proud line of people who have made this site the great thing that it is. I may not always agree with his editorial content... but his thinking is well reasoned and I will always respect it, even IF we disagree.

I suppose the BIGGEST and BEST part of This Place has always been the people here.

Yes.... thank Karl...and Justin, and scads of other people and thank God this place, it's here. Bless them ALL.
Isn't it sad that those that raise their right hand and swear "to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America" are usually the ones most likely to trash it.