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Sierra Vista, AZ

[HN7000S] Danube Synthesizer is unlocked. (TxCode 29)

Does anyone have an idea what this actually means other then the fact there is a transmission problem?

This is happening on the HN7000S 117w/1070. The service has been puked up for two days now.


Sierra Vista, AZ
FYI, a simple reboot of the modem cleared the problem. I'm back online again and all is well.

It's intresting that out of 200 people that read my post not one comment was entered. This tx29 problem must be something really rare and is the first time I've seen it since having DW/HughesNet since the DW4000 days.
I normally shut my system down at night but this December I wasn't near the modem so I was unable to diagnose the problem but a simple power cycle fixed the problem. Mine must not like to be left on for a month at a time, dunno but it's back up and running.

I thought about replying, but the reply would have been unhelpful. It would have said:

Never heard of it. Tx28, "Danube Synthsizer is locked," is documented as a short-term transient effect. Tx29 is not documented and so far as I can tell unreported on by any other user in any other forum.
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Sierra Vista, AZ

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I think the problem was caused by low voltage to the modem. I power my modem off my home built power supply powered by 12 volt DC batteries instead of AC power.

Given the fact that I live in a solar house it's kind of dumb to convert AC to DC through an inverter when I have DC to start with. My power supply doesn't fire the inverter so I have less drain on the battery bank.

The neighbor said there were three days of low insolation so perhaps the battery bank dropped and the modem fell out due to low voltage. One would think the modem would pick up again after sufficient battery voltage but apparently not.

Anyway, it's a new one for the record books.