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using Zyxel NSA3xx series from Linux PCs

I'm thinking of buying a Zyxel NSA3xx network drive (not sure yet which one exactly).
According to their website, the client software is Windows only though, whereas I'd be using it almost exclusively from Linux PCs.
If I need that client software just for the setup, I can deal with it, and use the web interface for everything else.
My question, however, is:
1.) Will the missing Linux support limit me somehow in regular use of the NAS under Linux, e.g. some features unavailable or such?
That is, with stock firmware, without the need for any hacks!
2nd question:
2.) Will it be possible to mount it as a network drive,
ich such a way that it's available through any regular file manager of Linux or Windows - or rather, which specification does it need to have for that?
If the answer is different for all devices, please, if you will, point out to me the one that'll be easiest to operate under Linux.
Please don't suggest to me any Windows Server solutions or other devices (especially not way beyond this price point, as the price is crucial to me). This question is about this one series of devices from this manufacturer (duh, in this subforum, but have seen a thread like that here)

Thanks, Ben

(btw I already posted my question to the German Zyxel support forum but it just doesn't get published for some reason)

I checked the specs for the NSA 310, and this is what ZyXEL says are the supported network protocols:

From »www.zyxel.com/uk/en/products_ser ··· html?t=p

Network Protocol

CIFS/SMB for Windows
NFS for Linux and Unix
DHCP client
This means you should have no problems accessing the device using your Linux PCs.

Take care,

"Technically, Windows is an 'operating system,' which means that it supplies your computer with the basic commands that it needs to suddenly, with no warning whatsoever, stop operating." -Dave Barry