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Looking at the bigger picture
reply to billydunwood

Re: [Rant] LA Fitness

When LA Fitness bought out some of the Bally's locations my membership transferred over like yours did BUT, despite having a lifetime national membership with Bally's that allowed me to use any club in the country, LA Fitness told me all the clubs here in NY were 'Premier clubs' and my membership didn't cover them! They said I could work out in a club outside of NY state (gee thanks!) or I could sign up for the 'special Bally's transfer rate' of only $39/mo (which was their new-member special anyway).

This has happened to a lot of people (from the complaints I had been reading) and someone started a class action against Bally's (or threatened to) for selling memberships to someone who wasn't going to honor them. Apparently that worked because if you call Bally's now and tell them you want to be transferred back, they will do it. Luckily, there are still Bally's clubs near me so that's what I did... many were not so lucky and got screwed out of their lifetime membership.