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reply to Doctor Olds

Re: Best freeware disc to disc copying program? (no imaging)

said by Doctor Olds:

said by urbanriot:

I'm looking for "No disc images / ISO's but straight up the original disc in one drive and a blank disc in the other, hit burn, and the original disc is burned directly onto the blank disc."

Again, [disc to disc] not [disc to image, image to disc].
suggestion for a paid program to do it, thanks!

You do know that disc to disc burning using two drives still creates a hidden temporary disc image (ISO) on the hard drive to prevent buffering errors, right? It just hides the fact from you. Now some programs allow you to turn that hidden caching off, but you may find data buffer under-runs if your system or drives can't keep up.

Doc that is real good info and thank you!!
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