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Brockville, ON
reply to JSJJJ

Re: [WIN8] Windows 8 / CD-DVD driver issue

One or both of the two drivers may not be digitally signed or corrupted.

I would suggest to go ahead and remove the two entries to prevent these two drivers form loading.

You can actually remove the LowerFilters and UpperFilters values completely as these values are not present by default.

There is a Microsoft Support Article on this issue - click the solution under "Let me fix it myself":


The article also applies to Windows 8.

If you have an application that uses either of these drivers such as iTunes which uses the GEARAspiWDM.sys you may have to reinstall that application for the software to work properly.

Make sure you have the latest version of the software you need to reinstall.

If the problem then re-occurs may sure you have the latest version of the driver causing the issue.

For GearaspiWMD.sys install the latest Gear driver:


For PxHlpa64.sys contact Roxio or Dell, if applicable, for the applicable PX Engine update.

Lake Zurich, IL
First, thank you auggy for all your help.

Second, I wanted to tell you what I did to get the cd/dvd working. I started with creating a restore point. Then I deleted the 'data' under the LowerFilters name (which was the PxHlpa64). I restarted the computer and the same issue remained. Then I further deleted the 'data' under the UpperFilters name (which was the GEARAspiWMD). I restarted the computer again and sure enough, the drive started to work great. Like you stated before, that GEARAspiWMD driver is used by Itunes also. Thinking about it, I now believe the dvd drive started acting weird after i installed itunes. In conclusion the issue must be a compatibility issue between itunes and windows 8 regarding the GEARAspiWMD driver.

The only issue that itunes has now that i changed the registry, is that I am not able to import or burn to dvd's / cd's via itunes. That isn't a big issue of mine. However, It asks for me to just reinstall itunes to fix this problem. I am afraid if I reinstall itunes this same issue will happen with the DVD drive. Do you think if i reinstall itunes the problem will come back?

Brockville, ON
You're welcome for the help.

The only change that appears you made that would affect iTunes is removing the registry entry for the GEARAspiWMD.sys driver.

So, rather than reinstalling iTunes, try just installing the latest Gear driver which should restore the registry entry but will also install the latest GEARAspiWMD.sys driver