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Greenwich, CT
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Re: [OOL] how long can a customer suspend/hold services for Vaca

said by RARPSL:

said by frdrizzt:

said by Jackarino:

Since you are OOL only, just cancel it if you are leaving for an extended period of time.

Oh, I didn't read, do what he said.

Just remember to return the modem. If you do cancel (as opposed to suspend) there is the issue of what happens to your Email Address and Email as well as how easy it is to reactivate and resume your account. Do you just drop into a Store Front to pick up your replacement modem and then go home to connect it to the coax (or is a truck roll needed to reactivate your service)?

What happens if you forget to return it and they send you the bill? If you still have the modem will they drop the fee? ($300 I think?)
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