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reply to DM

Re: It is possible? Usenet is Dead?

said by DM :

Am I understanding we are now unable to get .nzb files? I have tried several .nzbs and all say article not found through alt.binz.

There are two different things here: nzb files and the actual Usenet posts/articles.

NZB files are alive and well. Each NZB file is just a list of Usenet articles to go and grab that make up the whole "thing" (where "thing" is a movie, tv show, binary, whatever).

What happens is that the Usenet provider (where all the articles are stored that make up that "thing") gets a DMCA takedown request (due to copyright violation) and so some/most/all of the articles that make up that "thing" are removed and you are no longer able to download your "thing".
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OK, makes sense. I'm not sure what I need to do now. I don't know if you guys are supposed to do this but can you point me in a direction so I can either find alternatives or solutions or something? Thanks